Me and my team

My first interest, is to create a strong relationship with my customers, I want to understand what exactly they want, to invade in their inner world and with the help of my camera to capture their strongest moments. Moments full of emotion, moments that every couple wish to last forever. They used to tell that the devil is οn the detail so I hunt the detail, I want my job has identity and character.
Through my photos I want to tell a story, a story full of emotions, a story that they will never forget.


Kostas Mathioulakis is an Awarded Wedding Photographer on Naxos Island Greece, he expertise on Weddings.

There in every step of your big day, my team and I are collectors of all the details, that you’d like to forever remember.


Greg Delimaris is an Wedding Photographer/Videographer, specializing in storytelling Wedding Photojournalist, details emotions and events.

Love Passion Inspiration…


George Giamouris is an Wedding Videographer, specializing in creating cinematic and storytelling videos.

Telling that story moment to moment through light, color, space and form.

One thing you can never get back is time, treasure it. Treasure your life at this very moment.